Monday, January 5, 2015

Pets Behind the Blog

You may be wondering, what got me so into pets. ... Oh, you're not? I'll just tell you anyway, so sit on that stool, get a keg of yum and get ready for a tall tale of this weird place called 'real life'.

Well, about six years ago I was blessed with the opportunity to get a dog. After months of searching, we stumbled across the page for a dog that seemed perfect.

His name is Ollie and he's one of the greatest things to ever happen in my life. He's supposed to be a mix of a pomeranian and pembroke welsh corgi, but were not really sure when it comes to him.

I also have a pair of troublemakers which reside in a cage on top of my dresser. They're a pair of the most adorable little creatures I've ever laid my eyes on. Rats. No, not those wild things which sneak into our sewers and bite our toes, but fancy rats.

These little cuties are Sassy, the black one, and Nibbles, the cream one. I got them a few months ago and they've gone from little nuggets to big snuggly little buggers.

Well, now you know who scurries around my house. Let's now find out who scurries around Hep and Decius' house.

Have great adventures!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Teeny Tin Owls

Well, it's just about past holiday time in the Spiral, and who would've thought a pair of festive owls would be found?

This wily little fella is a verdant tinsel owl, close cousin of the cheerful tinsel owl, which I still have failed to tame. Each baubleloon can pair up for a hatch with the mechanical owl for a different version of this owl.

Who would've thought I would find this cuddly little one in my feathery hat this morning! I was just waking up and I went to grab my hat and he was snuggled up in the giant feather. It was an adorable sight, and I would've loved to see another owl with him, but my mechanical owl is a bit of a biter.

Yo ho ho, and a bottle of yum! Have fun in the spiral!

Friday, December 26, 2014

What's In a Dream?

It's been a pet-filled week for us pirates, the discovery of hybrids right before Christmas... The scarab was caught in Zenda... The continuation of hunting all throughout Christmas day for myself because I couldn't tear myself from my pirate side.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I had a dream, it was a very interesting dream. A dream about Pirate101. Impossible, you say? Nay. I actually had a dream about Pirate101, who would've thought that could happen? I sure didn't. Hybrids was the topic of this dream and there were many, as many as the eye could see! Clockwork Shark with jaws that couldn't rust... A falcon made completely of bone.... A tiny fish made of pure gold... And my favorite, a cross between the tropical sky snake and crok.

Now, now, now... Look at this exquisite creation of my dream-swept brain... The head and front legs of a crok? The wings and body of a sky snake? Wow, what I wouldn't give to have this creature by my side. Decius saw this sketch I made, while it doesn't do my dream creature justice, I'm just thrilled that Decius saw him, and even said there was a chance that he may appear in game. I don't count on it happening, but at least Decius saw something in him.

I don't remember all the hybrids I saw in my dream, but maybe if you comment a pairing, I can dream something up for you another night and sketch it out.

Have fun in the spiral!

Monday, December 22, 2014

The Elusive Scarab

Well, well, well. What do we have here?

Today marks the mad scramble all over the monkey-filled land of Monquista for a special addition to any pet army. The elusive scarab.

So far, only one lucky pirate has nabbed one, he was in the morphing tent. This pirate goes by the name of Fiery Edward Andrews. He was jabbering on and on about Monquista and Zenda, but he seemed very dazed, just like what happens when you eat too many yum fruits. He had to have found this prize somewhere, and all us pet collecting pirates are on a raid of Zenda, trying to figure out if this pirate is truthful, or if he's just pulling our peg legs.

I've never seen this scarab in person, but I assure you, with the help of many a help from many a pirate, we'll crack this case and capture this scarab.

Happy pet hunting!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Terrorloon Scandal

Who would've thought someone would find a hybrid, then show it off with no clue of what they combination could be?

Well, today that question was answered in the form of the Terrorloon.

This, my friends, is where the scandal began. The morphing tent.

Now, to set the record straight, I snapped this shot with my spy-patch, a super special eye-patch with a little camera inside, so those secret keepers couldn't tell I was watching them. I made my way around, minding my own business, waiting for them to spill their secrets. To my dismay, they never did. I waited for what felt like hours, but it was really only about twenty minutes, until POOF! they were gone, just like that.

I promptly whipped out my eye-phone and cawed about this scandal. I had to find out what was happening, and how it was happening. Many thoughts came to mind, many people helped. It was the marvelous Fearless Kristen Eastwick that came to the rescue, tracking someone with the Terrorloon down and getting the combination from her. Corrupted celestial dragon and silver buffaloon.

Now marks the time that I must find this terrible creature for myself. Happy morphing! 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

A "Fatal" Discovery

I remember those days when I was just a normal pirate looking for something to sink my hook into. I wasn't much interested in pets at the time. Then, it happened.

I was wandering along in the live game, Bestia had just come out and I was super excited to start exploring. Who would've guessed I found some of the best pirate friends a girl could ask for?

These pirates that first got me in to morphing obsessively, I will not utter their names for they have retired from morphing, maybe from Pirate101 all together. All I know is, sadly, I haven't seen hook nor tail of them or any of their furry, scaly, or otherwise, friends.

There is one morpher who's stayed by my side since I met him. His name is Reckless Flint Maxwell, and with him we discovered the first hybrid. The Grimtooth Reaper.

Old Missy, the first of her kind. "Old" really is an understatement, she's so old her bones are showing!

Now this discovery marked an astounding fact to pirates young and old, hybrids really do exist. They're not just a conspiracy for us to waste our gold on. Sorry Hep and Decius, I was truly convinced they either didn't work, or they were just a joke, you know how gullible our fully pockets of gold can be.

This be Hannah Ironside, signing into the blogging world! I hope ye stick around to see what I have to say. G'luck in your own adventures in the spiral!